Spotlight 1 day sale: 20% off various product lines (Tue 29 Jan)

26 January 2008

20% off furnishings, manchester and homewares.

See the image file link for more info.

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  • nod
    ] Thanks Larabelle Keeys also found a $10 and a $5 that may come in handy too :)
  • golfwidow
    I dont have one close to me so went to site and it said shop@home so i got excited but it isnt up and running :( Good excuse to plan a shopping trip though :)
  • Wally
    but it isnt up and running
    Not running as a web portal but you can order Edit: Ooops my Bad - no downloadable Catalogues nor shop@home specials available ... coming soon! :rolleyes:
    Step 1: Browse & Select View the latest catalogues or Shop@Home specials and select the items you wish to purchase. Or if you would like to order another product we stock you can enter those details on the form. Step 2: Fill in the Order Form Fill in the Order Form which you can access and complete by clicking here. Print out the form if you wish to order via fax or post. Accepted payment methods are Visa, Mastercard, Money Order or Cheque Step 3: Submit Your Order Once you have completed the form you can submit your order online, or if you'd prefer you can submit your order by: * calling us on 1300 305 405 * faxing us on 03 9690 6909 * or by posting it to us at: Spotlight's Shop-At-Home Services Reply Paid 72483 South Melbourne, Victoria 3205

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