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10 December 2007

Spend Tracker is sort of a mini ATM/account calculator (I'm struggling to describe it, although I have owned one for a couple of years).

I bought mine because I was getting hit by bank charges a lot for overdrawing my account - I just couldn't rely on my bank's website or tele-service to give me an accurate bank balance, so I would put through a purchase I couldn't cover - and I think I have paid hundreds of dollars in overdrawn fees over the previous years.

With Spend Tracker, you enter what you KNOW to be an accurate account balance, and from that point on, use the Tracker every time you make a deposit or a spend. It keeps a running total of your actual balance.

This, from the site:
SPENDTRACKER is not a standard calculator. It has been specifically designed to track what you spend, when you spend it!
This Product is simple to use and should be kept with your Credit Cards in your wallet or purse.
IMPORTANT: Before using the product for the first time, you should re-set it. To re-set the product, turn the product on, press [BUDGET] key, then press [ENTER] key 3 times. All values should now be zero."

I'll put a pic in the next post, too. The site doesn't have huge amounts of info on how to use it - it's actually a very simple idea and I found it about a month after complaining to my bank that there should be something like it!

NOW - the deal - normally $21.95 + $3 shipping (Aus), you can buy TWO for $39.90 (+ $3 shipping). This is an ongoing offer, and the same price I paid a couple of years ago - and a very small price to pay if you are being slugged with overdrawn fees like we were!

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  • ScarletRubies
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - novel idea. Have you ever picked up a discrepancy with the amount you should have in the bank and that which you actually do have Ruby ? There was a company I heard about a couple of years ago which would, for a small fee, audit and track your accounts. Their claim was that they'd normally be able to recover a significant portion of money that would otherwise have gone to the banks (I cant remember what the proportion was). I remember thinking it was a smart idea at the time.
  • ScarletRubies
    I've had little discrepancies - possibly caused by keystroke errors - and then the larger ones (over a dollar) are generally caused by account use fees that I forgot to include (you know, the 50c or $1 or MORE that the bank charges you to use your own money!!!). Bah humbug. Make 2008 the year you stop giving the banks YOUR money! I've been using the credit debit cards for 10 years or so, because the credit unions promote them as a way to avoid charges. That's a maybe - certainly, it didn't help me avoid overdrawn fees until I got a SpendTracker. I heard yesterday the Labor government is introducing a $3 per use charge on credit transactions - I don't know when - so that will once again change the way I shop online and off.
  • lilpretzel
    Ruby are you going to enter the Christmas comp? http://www.buckscoop.com.au/forums/showthread.php?p=29680 If so you need to tag your deal with 'SANTAS LITTLE HELPER' :)
  • Emma EDITOR
    Very interesting, never seen these :)
  • leny
    What a clever idea! Too bad it wouldn't come into much use with me at the moment. It would possibly come useful in the future.
  • admin EDITOR
    Does that mean you've now spent all your money so there's nothing to track Leny or you've just got so much of it that it doesnt matter :)
  • leny
    admin, it's that I don't make so many purchases that it would need to be tracked when away from home. All that can be done at home (MS Office or Internet banking) with receipts etc - if at all. I just mean that when the number and value of transactions completed by me increases (when I am older perhaps), one of those things could come in handy. :)
  • leny
    OH - and the joy of fee-free banking here!!
  • Klieu
    Ruby I hope this information may help you in some ways to recover some of the overdrawn fees that you were charged by your bank in previous years. Website [url]www.choice.com.au[/url] is assisting customers who are charged overdrawn fees(transaction accounts) and overlimit fees(credit cards) by their financial institutions by providing tips on how to demand those $$$ back. Please visit the website at [url]www.choice.com.au[/url] to find out more information
  • ScarletRubies
    Thanks for the info - I will look into it. Assuming it's not too horrible a process, anything to get back a portion of the fees would be great! Do you have an article name or deep link?
  • leny
    Regarding the bank fees, I have had gone through the process of recovering the money - and it was stretched out over 2 years (for $30.00). When it was first charged, I rang them up and said why was I charged this fee, and I was told that there was a $2 overdraw, which gave me a penalty of $30. They couldn't do anything about it. This was at the end of 2005. This year (2007), I saw the story on ACA, and rang the call centre again - they wouldn't refund it because it was apparently in their T&Cs which I agreed to. Even the supervisor didn't agree with the fact that it was unreasonable to charge me the fee. They gave me an address to send my complaint to if I wanted. I sent in the CHOICE letter which was drafted up, and I only needed to fill in the details. I was sent a response saying the same - I agreed to be charged the fee for an overdrawn account and that they would not refund the fee. The last shot I took, and the last thing I was to do was go into a branch. They have also told me that I have agreed to the T&Cs, though I was informed of this mildly and carefully. I have explained my case that my account was not supposed to be able to go into an overdraw and that this was an unexpected direct debit, and that charging me $30.00 for having an account overdrawn for $2 for 2 days was very unreasonable. The member of staff spoke to the manager and the $30.00 was refunded into my account. The best thing would be to go into a branch. :) That's what I should have done ast he first thing.

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