Snapfish - 4X 6 prints now just 15 cents each

8 April 2008

They just sent me an email. I don;t know if this is news, but they are acting like it is.

Permanent price change.

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  • nod
    News to me Thanks Voteoften Great that they have dropped their price :) And a little reminder that the $6 Snapfish cashback is only available on your first order with them.. no subsequent sales
  • Brad
    Good to see that they've reduced the price of the 6x4's permanently. Always better than a sale - no need to rush!
  • geo78
    if you never order from them before (or you have more than one address :) ), you can use or for 50 prints free. not sure about cashback though. for the second one you definetely don't get cashback since it is just a link here. if mods think that this deal is worth a post, i will post it as a separate deal.
  • nod
    Can't see why you could not get the 50 free prints and then grab some more for 15c each :) With the $6 cashback Snapfish will only pay this once to each member :)

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