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6 April 2008

I think we need a section on stores with just free shipping ;)

This store has free shipping on every order.

I'm not sure on prices etc T-shirts start at $20 though so I figure that with free shipping can't be bad?

Updated 02.04.2009 - lilpretzel

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  • admin EDITOR
    Have you been out looking for boarding gear keeys ? :) Looks like these guys only do direct deposit or COD - was just reading through the nuts and bolts of the free delivery and I cant see anything related to credit card payments. Tagging this sort of stuff with free postage and free shipping is good keeys - we try to do the same so it collates them all when you click on the tag.
  • Keeys
    my boys are hitting teens and its getting harder to buy gifts etc Even cool clothes as I said $20 for these tee's with free postage is good. Also living where I do their isn't alot of choice so shopping online is my main means of shopping :) Which is why I LOVE FREE SHIPPING!!
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - I can see your point. I want one of those downhill skateboards.
  • lilpretzel
    Free Shipping on orders over $50.00 NOW.
    Please be advised Skatebiz will be charging for Postage on orders under $50. We hoped we could contain postage costs but have experienced increased prices from Australia Post. The new postage charges are minimal and we will try not to raise them again for the foreseeable future. The price will be $6.00 postage on orders under $50.00 and a flat $15.00 on all Cash on Delivery orders. Also we have added Paypal to our list of payment options if you hadn’t noticed.

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