Sierra Trading Post (US) - At least 70% off over 10,000 items SALE - 1 day ONLY

12 January 2012

Any additional markdowns are shown at checkout automatically.

Otherwise prices as marked.

This is a US store.
I have purchased some really cheap stuff from them.
Mainly Crocs and Crumpler bags =)

To view the price you will pay, click on the VIEW COUPON link on each item. Some are further marked down than listed price.

n.b. I have tried to enter a bogus email address in the link for the coupon codes to activate and it seems to work. So please don't edit the direct link as going to the website in any other way would remove the automatic code which gives the extra discount. Just click through and away you go =D

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  • deking777
    I cant find the crumpler bags on there.... is there a link or search term i can look for? Thanks, D
  • queenshrew
    Unfortunately, they are closeouts.. so basically stock disappears and are never restocked. Depending on your luck you can find all sorts of brands at bargain prices... I bought 2 genuine crumpler bags for $50 and $70 each... but that was awhile back. And discontinued colours. If you subscribe, they tend to spam you a lot on all sorts of sales.. but only occasionally it is worth it (like this - AT LEAST 70% off deal). And they are subscriber only deals that you need to click through to activate.
  • deking777
    I see.. well lucky you, did your camera get a million dollar home ?? ;) will have to keep an eye on it form time to time, thanks for the info
  • queenshrew
    I see.. well lucky you, did your camera get a million dollar home ?? ;)
    No, but my laptop did lol. They were both laptop bags of different sizes. One turned out too small so I gave it away - it was the uglier army green I didn't like :p The other one is a gorgeous light blue with yellow lining. Still using it :D -- Should also say that my friend bought the exact same colour for her camera, and she was so mad as she paid ALOT for it, while my huge backpack was half what she paid for a small camera case hehe

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