Septembers collective back pat on Deals Direct - now 6.5%

5 September 2007

I'll edit this post as Deals Direct have now gone to 6.5% for the rest of the month.

To those of you thinking of shopping there... if you can get a confirmed transaction before the end of the month you'll get a nice little return.

This is the beauty of collective or co-operative sites like this. The more people purchase through the merchants here the better the rate gets (on most of them but not all - some are a bit stingy).

So lots of back patting in order.

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  • admin EDITOR
    I'll jump this to the top of the board - gratuitous use of the forum bounce :)
  • nod
    Nothing wrong with that in these circumstances I think :D
  • Brad
    wow we are still making Buckscoop history with 10 days to go :)

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