Sentry Fire Safe Chest $64.49 at officeworks. You know you should have one!

30 June 2007

Go clearance -50%- Security Products- to find this deal

FIREPROOF. Tough protection against fire. Tested up to 843°c for up to 30 minutes. Protect your important documents, cash and paperwork.

PORTABLE. Easily transportable, each fire safe has a convenient handle to let you take your valuables with you. Stores easily in any filing cabinet drawer or closet. Has key lock to keep it closed.

STRONG CONSTRUCTION. Double wall construction filled with a concrete based material absorbs the heat from a fire, keeping the interior cool enough to protect paper.
Interior: 97H x 330W x 219D mm

PROTECT YOUR MAGNETIC MEDIA. Keep your computer disks, data cartridges, tapes and CD-ROMs safe from fire. An extra layer of insulation in the Media safe will keep the temperature below 52°C and humidity under 80%, low enough to protect your sensitive media items.

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  • sandgroper Nobody likes to think of what happens if your home catches fire but at this price you can be fairly sure that all those insurance documents and that wad of $$ you had under the bed will be safe and sound after the event.
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - doesnt matter that you'll lose all your more valuable information on your computer - those doco's will be safe.
  • nod
    Do they make one big enough for your lappy? Or you could just make sure you could fit your external hdd in one ;)

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