Ryder Sunglasses for $9.97

1 April 2008

Look like fairly decent glasses - RRP is claimed to be $129 so at $20 or so (after postage), perhaps a reasonable deal at 50% off Topbuys normal sale price and over 90% off their RRP. Note that the arm size indicates that they are probably for a smaller head than mine! Info from the web site follows:

* Model: RYDERS R042-C1M Brand new collection.
* 100% authentic RYDERS Sunglasses.
* These authentic RYDERS sunglasses come with an authentic RYDERS case.
* Bridge size: 13mm
* Arm size: 111mm
* Lenses Colour: Smoke
* Frame Colour: Ash Black

Update - if you do a search you'll find the bigger R57-C9 for the same. Thought about getting a few but they don't give much of a discount for multiple purchases - five glasses would cost nearly $30 shipping.... which is kind of excessive when a 3Kg Express Post satchel is $10.

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  • lisss
    I think these are the same ones that they offered as their steal of the day a while ago. Must have extra stock. Did anyone buy a pair?
  • Wally
    Not the same - the others were square lenses this is more wrap around but that offer came with Paypal free shipping Now the shipping costs more than the promo price! :rolleyes:
  • nlafanclub
    I bought a similar looking pair of Ryders from them a couple of months ago at the $9.95 price and paid about $23 after shipping (missed out on free shipping by a week - Doh!). I must say I am quite happy with them - the quality is reasonable & they actually sit level across my face, which seems to be a problem with other 20 odd dollar sunnies (eg polaroid) I've bought in the past. So personally, I'm happy with spending around $20 on them :)

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