Repco engine oil sale - Mobile 1, Shell, Valvoline and Castrol are pretty cheap + possible 20% off

27 September 2011

Worth a look if you need oil for your car. Repco have an engine oil sale on. The prices are pretty good although I dont know whether buying multiple 5 litre bottles will be cheaper than bulk 20 but its entirely possible given that last time I checked one of these sale prices 4 x 5L worked out cheaper than 1 x 20L on the particular Valvoline product I was checking.

The ones that caught my eye -
Valvoline XLD premium 5 litre - Repco price $19.99 - elsewhere $24
Shell Helix HX5 - Repco price 5 litre $19.99 - elsewhere $27.95
Castrol Magnatec 15W-40 5 litre - Repco price $29.99 elsewhere $43
Mobile 1 5W-50 5 litre - Repco price $49.99 - elsewhere $71.50

You can also join the Repco email list to receive 20% off your next purchase although I suspect that the terms and conditions of the discount will be that it only applies to full priced items - if thats the case then you still get the 20% off for another day.

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