Rebel Sport - 20% off Storewide (Thursday-Friday depending on State)

24 November 2010

Just got this from Rebel :

Huge 1 Day Sale - 20% off everything! For Season Pass Members (free to sign up)

Only off Full Priced items ... remember to use your $20 voucher as well!

Thursday Only : NSW, TAS, SA, WA, QLD
Friday Only : VIC, ACT

Available Online and Offline

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  • owenhwh
    what $20 voucher??? tell me tell me please.. haha! =P thanks!
  • kickling
    You might be lucky and sign up in store, and get to use the $20 on the spot, but I think sometimes they make you wait. Here's the other thread that got posted about the $20 voucher ... it's just signing up to the Rebel Club. You can use it for anything, no min spend too!

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