10% Off Storewide If You Have A Clubcard

9 May 2009

I just thought I'd post this, hope it's useful to can register to get a clubcard for free at priceline to get discounts - if you don't already have a card. Or if you already have a card, you can save yourself a nice 10% discount on the 12th and 13th May.

Here's some more info: about the clubcard

Every time you spend $5 or more at Priceline or Priceline Pharmacy, simply present you Clubcard at the register and earn 1 ClubPoint for every $1 you spend (excludes prescriptions) Once you've earned 100 points or more in a quarter you automatically earn a discount voucher for 3% of your total points

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  • blondieo
  • mouldgirl
    I have one of these cards. Priceline is often the cheapest for my hair care products and they send you out offers on a regular basis too.
  • crampy33
    I buy my son's formula there (cheaper than the supermarket) it's an unavoidable cost for us but we end up getting a voucher for about $15 each quarter. Well worth it. Thanks blondieo, will definitely be shopping there on the 12/13th!
  • brooke
    hehe i love priceline! i used 2 work there & now my sis does. only problem with working there was how much money i spent =S i ended up with $40+ vouchers by the end of the quater... & that takes a bit of spending! lol. oh & fyi, if u have a clubcard, they will occasionally hold VIP nights after hours & send out invites in the mail. u get a %off instore on the night & u can win prizes just 4 going (hampers of priceline products etc.) im pretty sure they have nibbles & drinks too. worth signing up 4 since its free. ;)
  • brooke
    oh, & just a little tip- Priceline sells alot of gift packs over christmas (perfume & make-up etc), but as soon as the christmas rush is over those packs keep coming down in price because they prefer 2 get rid of stock rather than sell it the next year since gift pack design changes regularly. i used 2 get the big perfume packs at more than 50% off around january. most dont last that long, but straight after chrissy it's worth checking out the marked prices of those sorts of things. u might find some considerable discounts. also, dont forget they have a price match policy, & most stores have a cosmetic assistant on-hand to help with colour matching & product information. just check the cosmetic aisle :)
  • fairybelle
    This is great im out of cleanser, serum and moisturiser so that will save me about $12! LOL, every bit counts though.

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