Price USA - Buy direct from the USA for a 5% fee (Bendigo, Australia)

28 June 2008

Buy direct from the USA for a 5% fee

Do you want to buy from the USA and save 10% to 50%?

Do you want to buy items not available in Australia?

Have you found the the best priced stores won't ship to Australia or use mail-in rebates only available to US customers?

Does the US store want hundreds of dollars for shipping to Australia?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then Price USA is for you.

How does Price USA work?

It is very simple. You complete our order form telling us what you want to buy. We check your order and email you a final quote. Our USA agent buys the item for you and ships it directly to you.

* A flat 5% fee for our service. No joining or monthly fees.
* Claim USA only mail-in rebates.
* Deal with an Australian company you can trust.
* USPS shipping at cost.
* Pay in Australian dollars at a reasonable exchange rate.

Tip: Mention in the "extra details" section of the Order Form so they know where you found out about them!

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