Pre ZAZZMANIA warm up Mega Boxes

30 May 2008

Each box is worth over $120 anywhere elsewhere (and a Zazz Value of $80-$100) and also includes a "Mystery" Thingy (which in this case is usually a product which I have used for testing purposes or for photo shoots, anything from ex.demo 40GB Digimates or Slimline 2GB Mp4 Players for example). So if any of these boxes meet your needs/wants, then be be quick as we have only a handful available.

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  • admin EDITOR
    60 bucks is a lot for a mystery 'thing' :eek: Does that inc delivery?
  • holdenmg
    Zazz Deal $60 Inc. Shipping. BOX 1 Contents: (ZAZZ Value at $95. RRP. $140) * Ice cream maker * 3 X Mood cubes * Shake Torch X 2 * Projection Clock * USB snake Hub * BIG daddy Calculator * Zazz wrist band * Zazz Lanyard * Zazz Car sticker * Mystery Thingy (EX Demo Thingy Valued at $20+) BOX 2 Contents: (ZAZZ Value at $90. RRP.$130 ) * USB Interactive Aquarium * Powered 7 Ports Hub * 2.5" HDD enclosure One Touch Button Back up. (NO HDD) * Mp3 Player * Micro Helicopter * USB Mittens * Zazz wrist band * Zazz Lanyard * Zazz Car sticker * Mystery Thingy (Ex Demo Thingy Valued at $20+) BOX 3 Contents: (ZAZZ Value at $80 RRP.$125) * USB Chess Game * Fitness Roll up Kit * Keyboard and Mouse combo * Big Daddy Calculator * USB Vaccum * Electronic Edart * Zazz wrist band * Zazz Lanyard * Zazz Car sticker * Mystery Thingy (Ex Demo Thingy Valued at $20+) SELECT your preferred BOX number in the comment box.
  • holdenmg
    ZazzMania-6 will start at midnight (in less than one hour) and instead of just One Thingy for the day, there will be over 50 thingies, each at an amazing price, and usually below cost! Not only that, but shipping on all Zazzmania items is free. The time allocated per thingy varies between 15 - 20 mins unless sold out - in which case there will be a 4 minute break until the next Thingy comes up. There's only a limited number of items for each product (varies between 1 and 10), so you will have to be quick if you want a particular product. Some items that are listed in the early hours of the morning may come back at a later stage (usually in the afternoon) so if you missed out there's a small chance you can get the item you want later, but no promises. There's tons of fun and games all day. Competitions have been allocated in 2 hours slots and all prizes for these competitions will be a Mystery Item. Be sure to check out the forum as well!
  • queenshrew
    ooh sounds exciting! Do you have to sit at your computer all day and keep refreshing? Or do they only run it between a certain time?
  • holdenmg
    Seems like lots of stock being run out really quick. I'll give it about another hour and post if I see anything good.
  • nod
    You have become an advocate for Zazz Holdenmg!!! Do you shop from them a lot?
  • holdenmg
    Hi, no I have never bought from them. Some of the stuff is (fill in the blank space)... Like the concept though and have my worn MasterCard at the ready. :+)
  • leny
    I have found that everything (even the high value items like LCDs) are crap quality imports from China that are just so crap that I can't even stress how crap these pieces of crap really are. Is there a limit on how many times I can say crap like with the 4 smiley limit?

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