Peters of Kensington - Waterfod Marquis Rainfall Vase Small $49 + shipping RRP$145

4 August 2012

If you are anything like me and don't have a single vase in the house.. Note the instant panic when guests come visiting with bouquet of flowers and I had to dump them into plastic jugs.. I keep reminding myself I need to get myself some vases and this really jumped out at me..

Waterford - clear as the beautiful crystal for which it is famous. Once youve seen a piece of this beautiful, light-filled crystal, held it in your hand and twirled it in the light - youll never forget it.

Let yourself be amazed by the beauty of Waterfords Marquis giftware. These beautiful crystal pieces are simply lovely as much a pleasure to give away as they are to own.

Made from crystal, the vase is engraved with a pattern of teardrop-shaped cuts that will remind you of raindrops, sliding down the window on a cloudy day.

* Designed in Ireland.
* Machine made from crystal.
* Presented in a Waterford Marquis gift box.

Diameter: 14cm.
Height: 23cm.

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