Peters of Kensington - Grand Reopening Sale -- Now on. Up to 75% off!

13 January 2010

They have this every year :)

I love them!!!

Wish I live in Sydney, then I wouldn't have to pay for postage!

They have a Scanpan 3 piece teflon cooking set 75% off from $799 down to $199
Or Scanpan 5 piece stainless steel set 60% off from $629 to $224
Knife blocks on sale - up to over 70% off
And lots more bits and pieces.. have a look =D

Hint: When u click through, click on the top banner where it says Grand reopening sale, and it'll take you to a list of the latest advertised specials sorted by price.

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  • betaman
    Is Scanpan a good brand?
  • queenshrew
    Is Scanpan a good brand?
    Well, I like Scanpan... it's usually pretty exxy though ;o So, I won't buy unless it's on sale! Prices at PoK are better than at Myer for sure!
  • admin EDITOR
    Fairly common mid range brand. For home cookware its pretty well made but as with all the homeware stuff (as opposed to commercial) will die if abused.

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