Peters of Kensington - 70% off little tikes toys

2 September 2012

Cute little toys that make loads of noise, just what little kids would love!

4 fantastic Little Tikes creations which are designed to help develop auditory awareness in your kids, without irritating the adults in the room.

There's 2 amazing Pop Trucks that rattle their loads as you push them along. The Pop Dump Truck carries rocks and the Pop Garbage Truck carries plastic bottles and they both make clattering noises as they move to their destinations. They are both $10 each. Originally $26

Then there's the Nesting Barn Animals - 4 delightful animals that fit perfectly inside each other (just like a russian doll!) with a little chick that squeaks when it's squeezed. They are all so cute and cost $12 each. Originally $26

and.. the last one is the Tap-a-Tune Musical Snail. Using this snail's antennae, your child can tap a xylophone on one side, and a drum on the other! Whether your child is gifted with melody or rhythm, you will soon find out with this wonderful toy and cost a measly $8! RRP $28

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