Peter's of Kensington Daily Deal - Silit Accento 3 piece cookware set - $189 (RRP$800) + shipping

7 November 2012

Accento Black Cookware Set features:

* Made in Germany.
* Extra-sturdy steel core is drawn in one piece, not only on the base of the cookware, but up the sides as well.
* Steel core conducts heat quickly and efficiently, storing it in your cookware and cooking your food evenly.
* Durable high-gloss ceramic exterior finish is harder than steel, and easy to keep clean.
* Cooking surface is also made from ultra-hard ceramic.
* Nickel-free construction is ideal for allergy sufferers.
* Ceramic surface is non-porous and naturally anti-bacterial.
* Curved pouring rim for spill-free pouring.
* Ergonomically designed, stainless steel handles.
* Lid made from high-quality, heat-resistant tempered glass.
* Suitable for all cooktops including induction.
* Silit cookware has an ultra-smooth base, which wont scratch delicate glass cooktops.
* Oven safe.

Care and Cleaning:

* Energy friendly the steel core locks in heat, allowing you to use less energy to cook than ever.
* However, due to its ceramic construction, Silit cookware is also extremely resistant to cooking at high temperatures.
* Dishwasher safe.

Extra Care Tips:

* Silit Accento cookware features stainless steel handles, which may become very hot during use especially when used in the oven. Make sure you use an oven mitt when handling hot Silit Accento cookware.

Set includes:

- 16cm/1.3 Litre Small Casserole Pot.
- 24cm/6 Litre Large Casserole Pot.
- 24cm Frypan.

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