Peter's of Kensington Daily Deal - over 65% off Rabbit Super-Aerating Decanter System $39 (RRP$120)

9 September 2012

Great for lovers of red wine. Looks pretty and is your ticket to a superb drinking experience, without the wait.

* Decanter made from glass.
* Includes a hand-blown decanter and a Wine-Spray funnel with Sediment Screen.
* Wine-Spray Funnel features holes at the base designed to send your wine into the decanter in a spray of droplets, achieving super aeration.
* Decanter features an indentation in the base for ease of pouring.
* Sediment Screen filters out sediment particles as small as one millimetre from your wine.
* Super-aeration enhances the flavour, bouquet and complexity of your wine.
* Presented in a stylish cylindrical gift box.
* All parts are dishwasher safe.

Set Contains:
- 1.4 Litre Decanter.
- Wine-Spray Funnel.
- Super-Fine Sediment Screen.

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