OO.com.au - Receive Your Order For FREE Today If Fiumicino Wins The Melbourne Cup - Ends 2.45pm AEST

3 November 2009

OO.com.au is supporting Fiumicino in the Melbourne Cup today, to celebrate, if Fiumicino wins the Cup ALL orders placed and completed before 2.45pm (AEST) will be refunded in FULL, and your goods received for FREE!!

Terms: Offer not available to BPay, Direct Deposit or I'll Pay Later Orders.

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  • lilpretzel
  • golfwidow
    Great deal if it happens. Current odds are around 50-1
  • timgeo
    They probably hedged their bets with TAB as well :p
  • taskel
    That's pretty cool, great if you have to order from OO anyway!
  • lisss
    They probably hedged their bets with TAB as well :p
    Yep clever marketing on their behalf as I'm sure they'd be protected ;)
  • lilpretzel
    21 won the Cup :)
  • nod
    21 won the Cup :)
    :D Lucky for OO.com.au I guess the offer appealed to the gambler in us all

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