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26 December 2009

End of year sale starting boxing day, Free delivery if you pay by PayPal

* Offer only available to orders greater than $30 (Not including delivery)
* $50 Fair Play Policy applies: If the delivery charge is under $50 then the delivery is FREE.

In rare situations where the delivery charge is greater than $50 then the first $50 is FREE

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  • admin EDITOR
    Thanks sakinah - probably more a case of whats good in the oo.com.au boxing day day than the fact that they are having one.
  • sakinah
    well they do have some really good deals i just bought Topfield Wireless Video Recorder with Built-in Twin Tuner and 200GB HDD (TF6000PVRt) for $259, thats a bargain
  • kazyazy
    The free shipping is still going :)
  • lilpretzel
    Thanks Kazy have unexpired. :)

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