OO.com.au - Free Shipping On All Items In Our Online Christmas Catalogue + Buckscoop Cashback.

22 November 2009

Free Shipping On All Items In Our Online Christmas Catalogue.

Sorry no expiry date that I can see, no code required.

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  • lilpretzel
    Don't forget about the Paypal 20% Off Watches, Jewellery And Perfume Offer, some products are listed in the online Christmas Catalogue so you can double dip but must pay via Paypal ;) You can buy Joop! Homme - Eau De Toilette for Men (125ml) for ONLY $36.76 when using both offers :)
  • frogduck
    must resist buying the watch :(
  • denise2467
    This is a cr*p deal. I recently bought two TVs from them and the Buckscoop $$ which was supposed to be 3.6% was declined. :mad: What the????? I should have got around $40 back, and only bought from them thinking this was the case. :mad:
  • lilpretzel
    Hi denise, If you haven't already could you please lodge a ticket enquiry so Admin can check it out for you ;) ]I have an incorrectly declined transaction

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