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22 April 2008

Noodle Golf Balls - Long & Soft - Pack of 12

Noodle - Long & Soft, the name says it all. The Noodle -Long & Soft was designed to fly far and feel smooth and soft every bit of the way. The core is super soft allowing for optimal distance with every swing while the Surlyn cover enhances the balls overall performance.

Noodle - Long & Soft golf balls
Pack of 12
2 Piece construction allows for optimal distance and smooth performance
Unbelievable soft core - produces amazing distances
Surlyn enhances every shot
Low driver spin helps to improve distances and carry
Colour: White

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  • Keeys
    I'm not into golf and have no idea of cost etc other than its not cheap so I gather this is a good deal made even better by free postage. Good for birthday gift or grab to put away for fatherday for those into forward planning ;) HOT FROM ME!!
  • nod
    So what are the cost of these normally? Anyone know?
  • jdstacey
    Average retail $29 (according to oo.com.au) - so take that as you will :-)

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