OO.com.au - 1 DAY ONLY - SITEWIDE FREE DELIVERY (& no minimum spend) *

30 June 2012

*Pay with Paypal to get this offer

Got this via email today, and thought I would share.

OO.com.au is no longer a cashback merchant.

Free delivery rocks - especially with no minimum spend.

Offer ends: 2.59am July 1st, 2012 (No clue why they set such a weird time)...!

Link doesn't work - go to http://www.oo.com.au
- stevehl

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  • queenshrew
  • jezebel8
    Argh... Sorry.. Clicking on my phone when I just woke up and was trying to click warm.. Can someone remove my accidental fat finger syndrome and put it back to 11 degrees please..
  • queenshrew
    Expired :( Was halfway my order, got interrupted and forgot about it lol. I guess my cc thanks me ;o

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