Once: WOMOW's Hundred Hugs Promotion

7 April 2010

How does it work?

All you have to do is send us a picture of you hugging the owner or manager of a business you love, and we'll send you a $20 WOMOW voucher to spend at that business. Please email the photo, along with your name and details for the business and the owner/manager you're hugging to support@womow.com.au.

BONUS, if you post both the picture onto your Facebook or Twitter profile and a link to www.WOMOW.com.au, you'll get a $50 WOMOW voucher to spend at that business. You must also send us a link to your Facebook / Twitter posts.

Who can I hug?

Well anyone really (go on it makes people feel nice!). But for this promotion, you need to hug:

* the owner or manager
* of a small business (defined as a business with less than 5 stores/outlets and less than 100 staff)
* that has already been rated on WOMOW (before 01/04/2010)
* that you are not personally connected with (not your family member or friend or anyone you know other than as a customer)

What the heck are WOMOW Vouchers and how do they work?

Simple. When you participate in this promotion, we'll email you a WOMOW Voucher containing a unique code which is assigned to the business you hugged. This allows you to redeem the voucher at the business and includes instructions for the business to redeem from WOMOW - basically, they contact us with the code and we pay them directly. It's another way that WOMOW rewards small businesses that provide great customer service. (If, for some reason, a business refuses to honour the WOMOW voucher, we'll replace with a voucher to another business or provide a Westfield voucher to the same value.)

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