Once: Win an iPad with BT Super For Life

15 June 2010

BT Super For Life are giving you the chance to win an Apple iPad when you open an account before 12 July 2010!
All you have to do is open a BT Super For Life account, and you go into the running. Theyll be giving away one iPad every week day for 20 days.

To enter, go to http://www.btsuperforlife/winyoursupernow and start your account! Not only will you feel more secure about your Super, youll have a chance to win the hottest piece of new technology around.

If you contribute $5,000 or more into your new BT Super For Life account before September 3rd, youll also go into the running to win up to $20,000!

You must be over 18 to enter.

*For full terms and conditions, visit www.btsuperforlife.com.au/winyoursupernow/termsandconditions

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  • admin EDITOR
    I had to read closely to see that this was Westpac. The use of BT made me think it had something to do with British Telecom. Interesting how far they have gone to make sure that its not obviously a westpac fund. You've gotta love the vague language of banks "SuperRatings Pty Ltd. BT Super for Life fees are 47% lower than the average fees according to Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) on an account balance of $50,000 with an annual contribution of $5,000." It'd be interesting to see what the prospects are for getting a decent return off this fund.

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