Once: Welcome to our NEW Contests area in the forum

28 March 2007

To help all those comp junkies out there, we have formed the new Contests area
It allows you to post more info about the competitions in an easy post format
We will leave the Competitions and Freebie area as is for now

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  • admin EDITOR
    Just for all you comp junkies out there :)
  • pow a.
    Thanks nod and admin :)
  • Smarmie
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the contests area! Just a question about the contest area but also the freebies section...is it up to the person who posts the deal to remove it once the expiry date has passed? Have gone to a couple of deals as indicated on the forum, only to find that the deal etc has expired. Just want to make sure I do the right thing when I post!! Thanks guys - fab site!! :D
  • nod
    If you pop an expiry date in the deal then it should expire at that date. If that does not happen, hit the 'Expired' button and pop in a comment. It takes a few users to hit the expired button for this to work - but admin or mods can expire it for you straightaway
  • Lycraboy
    Thanks for clarifying that Nod - I was wondering about the expiration dates too! :)
  • elegantegotist
    I'm just curious to see what everyone has won here ? I was watching one of those current affairs shows and there is a group of housewives that spend 7 hours a day PURELY entering competitions. They win a lot too. So who enters competitions here and what have you guys/girls won ?
  • nod
    I post a lot but only enter a few - no time! No success so far :(
  • Emma EDITOR
    If I'm browsing any website and com accross a comp, I take a few seconds to post it here for all to see. I enter a few, mostly the ones where you just have to enter an email addy or something, but I haven't won anything in this way yet. There is a professional comp player in my home town and he has won loads of stuff, like smartcars (plural), holidays etc etc.
  • Brad
    :confused: Just saw this sticky is expired :D wow
  • ScarletRubies
    Adhesive doesn't last for ever...
  • maf101
    Dick Smith have a racing game competition. The 7 best times each win a laptop computer valued at $1643. Here's the link to the comp. It ends March 12. http://www.dse.com.au/cgi-bin/dse.storefront/en/catalog/PGEINTELF1 It's so annoying. It looks simple, but it's not :( Maybe we could have a thread for this comp and suggestions on how to improve your time.
  • admin EDITOR
    maf - post that as a contest (use the Submit a Deal button) and then we can get the commentary going
  • labgirl
    I am a bit of a mad comper, and two years ago won a car which was my biggest ever win:D usually its movie tickets dvds, books etc

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