Once: Please Do Not Post Referral links in any contest posts

10 February 2008

As with everywhere in the Buckscoop forum, we do not allow referral links .
Please do not post any competitions for a business that you have any connection with or any comps that include referral links

If you have any questions, please PM myself or any of the mods.

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  • admin EDITOR
    Lets keep it clean. Wheeling out my soapbox :) Objectivity is paramount to Buckscoop. We provide you with an open forum so that you may post things you consider to be an objective deal. Referral links dont fall into that category - its pretty obvious that there is a self interest there. Its the same reason we dont allow merchants to make direct deal postings. Can anyone hear the squeeking of my soapbox wheels as I put it away again. Its getting a little rusty :)
  • nod
    Thread now closed :)

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