Once: Australian Lifestyle Survey

4 February 2008

If you're like most people, you're probably happy to receive information on products and services that are relevant to your interests and needs. With this in mind, the Australian Lifestyle Survey gives you the opportunity to indicate the type of advertising you'd like to receive.

The survey is voluntary. By choosing to complete all or part of it, companies with relevant offers to your lifestyle interests may be provided your name and contact details. The companies that contact you could be in such industries as health care, telecommunications, financial services, market research, media, direct marketing and consumer goods. You can choose to complete all or some of the questions.

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  • horseforthree
    ..or you can take the short-cut! :p Voucher: SSALS23297437 Expiry: 31/7/08
  • nod
    :D much easier to grab the code :D Thanks for the heads up Golfy

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