Officeworks - Multifunction print/scan/fax/etc HP printer $66

27 April 2010

Hewlett Packard (HP) Officejet J4580 Multifunction for $66.

Seems to be a fairly decent - if not spectacular - multi function printer. Here's a typical review:

But $66. I mean... really. 20 page auto doc feeder, fax... scanner.... no network connectivity (ethernet/wifi) or cable (which is kind of mean), but what the hey. Did I mention $66? Retail is normally around the $159 mark, but a quick check on "shopbot" shows best price is around $111.

I would also note that it apparently ( comes with an HP 901 Black Officejet Ink Cartridge and an HP 901 Tri-colour Officejet Ink Cartridge. In the past HP (plus a few others) were infamous for putting in "starter" cartridges that only lasted a handful of pages, but I believe this is no longer the case. These are worth (at Officeworks) $25.98 and $35.99 respectively. So that would be $61.97, in which case the printer is worth $4.03. Where do *you* reckon printer companies make their money? ;-)

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  • admin EDITOR
    You can get genuine black and colours for this from $19 for black and $30 for colour from ] Am sure there's got to be compatibles around for even less somewhere. Very good price and good find ninkasi. Very cheap for a multifunction.
  • admin EDITOR
    18 and 28 from (genuine)
  • admin EDITOR
    :) - $16 and $25 (genuine) from ]
  • ninkasi
    But if you use non-genuine ink, you might (according to the printer companies) damage the printer and have to spend another $4.03 to get a new one plus some more cartridges.... ummm.... hmmmm...... :whistling:
  • nod
    But if you use non-genuine ink, you might (according to the printer companies) damage the printer and have to spend another $4.03 to get a new one plus some more cartridges.... ummm.... hmmmm...... :whistling:
    yeah right. what a rort! The price of ink cartridges annoys me :mad:
  • queenshrew
    I have the canon M630. Awesome printer. All my ink is bought from ebay and cost 20% as much as original. I must say however my non-genuine ink does have a weird smell..... But as I print A LOT.. I can't afford genuine cartridges!
  • ninkasi
    I have a Brother multifunction and get the Calidad "value packs" (eg here). I find them to be just as good as the Brother branded jobs, significantly cheaper (the box of four costs around $40 - "genuine" costs over $60 for the three colour cartridges and another $40 or so for the black), and the box contains a freebie (with the kit for my printer it's a couple of magnetic photo frames).
  • ninkasi
    What annoys me slightly is how they call multifunction a printer that can print & scan, when I consider a "true" multifunction one like this that can also fax as well... all terminology I guess. The price of cartridges annoys me less - entry level printers used to cost a heck of a lot but now they are super cheap. The business model they have now is similar to mobile 'phones - you generally get a 'phone for free under a contract and pay it off through the call plan. With the printer, you pay a small amount and pay off the hardware via the consumables. The issue for the printer companies is, however, unlike 'phones they can't lock you into only using their cartridges. Well, they have tried (changing the shapes, even putting in special chips - there simply to let the printer know what the ink levels are [honest! :rolleyes: ], but the printer won't work without a cartridge with a chip and the printer companies won't allow the generic ink companies clone the chip - this all basically ended when the chips were telling the printers they were out of ink when they were quarter full so people complained and stopped buying those printers - same deal with the "starter" cartridges). Now they tend to just go with scare tactics (the other ink is bad and will leap out of the cartridge & kill you), and maybe to an extent some non-genuine ink can be fairly poor quality (smudge, acids might damage heads, etc), but some inks are perfectly fine and/or you might just be content with going with the cheapest inks and replace your printer more frequently. Bad/weird smelling ink? Well, that could be the preservative... up to you but I'd personally spend a little more just in case they've gone a bit over the top with the chemical blend there... :eek:
  • ninkasi
    There's also always something like ]this - 18litres of inkjet ink... just need to have a steady hand with a syringe... ;-)
  • port
    FWIW, Australia Post were selling these for $99 a couple of months ago.
  • Rebekah76
    my only warning/comment is that Brother printers (and others may do this too) do a head clean everytime you turn them on (and this can't be turned off). This is ok unless you are only using it for mainly scanning etc, then when you actually need to print a page, there will be no ink left (used in headclean). The other issue with this is that once the cartridge is empty you can't use the printer for anything else without putting in a new cartridge. (eg - need ink so it can do a headclean, when all you want to do is scan a page in.) If this is a problem for you, there are webpages with hints on how to get around it - you basically have to trick the printer into thinking there is ink in the cartridge - BUT this could eventually ruin the heads. still - a cheap printer - sadly they are almost throw away items now.. quite often it is cheaper to buy a whole new printer than new genuine cartridges.
  • ninkasi
    My current printer is a Brother, and it does clean the heads every now and then, but it's not super frequent and doesn't appear to use much ink at all in doing it. The printer on offer here is an HP, but I will note that my old HP printer used to do this a lot and did use a lot of ink when doing it.... so I guess it depends more on the specific printer than brand....
  • sarasmile
    I used to have one of those multifunction printers but it gave out after a while and it never did fax properly. I now have a Brother laser printer and a Canon Ink-jet. The Canon printer has phenomenal quality and I highly recommend their products. The Brother printer is easy to use but the blacks don't come out dark enough on my laser prints, which is really disappointing (I've tried ALL settings). I found out that I can re-fill my Canon cartridges but I haven't tried that yet. Full details on how is here at this great site nifty-stuff
  • ninkasi
    Yep, been using network based faxing services for years - both setting them up myself as well as using external services - and have found them to be good.... but given that a multifunction printer that supports faxing is virtually being given away and you can get a ]VoIP ta for $20 and then faxing an unlimited number of pages to any fax machine in Australia will cost $0.10.... and if you want to receive faxes then you just need to fork out $5 a year for a landline number..... appeals more to me now then paying $12.95 per month as from a $$ perspective I am in front after two months... and in addition most people can work out how to use a fax machine but will struggle to know how to print to a virtual fax machine... or scan a document to then email/send to the fax service..... definitely not saying they don't have their place, but for me (or rather my wife - I can't remember the last time I sent a fax) the good old fax machine works well in conjunction with VoIP.

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