Not get the bankwest offer?? $25 with a HSBC online savers account

11 July 2007

Just found this.. nice one
Not as good as $40 from Bankwest but not bad at all

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  • Brad
    More free money from the banks! :)
  • admin EDITOR
    :) - how many accounts can one person have ?
  • nod
    The important thing to watch is the fees that are attached to the account. I have just checked out the HSBC and they state: " * No monthly account keeping fee# * A high everyday interest rate of 5.00%p.a * * Unlimited free HSBC ATM transactions^ * Five free ATM transactions per month at any bank ATM" I have however tried to track down the info that corresponds with the # but as yet I have not been able to find it. So there may be fees - overdraft maybe??
  • narut
    #Other fees and charges apply. You need $5000 balance to earn 5% otherwise the interest is 0.5% Minimum opening deposit of AUD2,000 :eek: Just grab the cashback n go.

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