12 October 2007

Just so you all know - we've currently got an error with our non cashback merchants. Some of the links arent working. You'll see an error saying "This link is not active". There's about 400 of the posted deals that will generate you that error - we'll give a bag of lollipops to whoever finds the most error generating deals :-). Entries in this thread.

We are in the process of fixing it up - and will keep you posted. The cashback ones are fine.

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  • Keeys
    haha I really did stumble across something big what were you planning on doing with your saturday...I'm guessing this wasn't it?? Just wondering do you think the websites gotten all snipy cause its the 13th and we didn't wish it a happy birthday?? It has feelings to you know ;)
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - anthromophization of a website...
  • admin EDITOR
    Ok - it looks like its been fixed. If you do find any errors make a post here and we'll check it out.
  • Wally
    :D - anthromophization of a website...
    Does that mean that a slightly faultering website named 'Buck Scoop' is of the male persuasion from southern parts al la the likes of a Forest Gump!!? :whistling: :p
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - now I'm totally confused.

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