Ninemsn Prize rush competition - Trivia for prizes

3 November 2007

Answer trivia questions correctly and dig on the map of Australia for hidden prizes. No signup or registration necessary.

Share what you have won in this thread !

There are also cryptic clues on WHERE to dig scattered throughout the internet.

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  • Michelle2154
    Thanks for this link, im loving it and learning heaps, but still havent had any success with my digs. Michelle2154
  • elegantegotist
    Tip: If it was like last time the digs can go up to 4 digs deep. i.e. You may have to dig in the same place 4 times to get the best prizes. Just check in the terms and conditions if this is the case. Also if you join up to their myspace they intermittently send out codes for 8 free digs. If you sign up to their mailing list they will send you clues about where to dig.

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