Naturefresh pure Australian wool Quilt 500Gsm $99, buy a second for just $79

2 June 2007

WOOL Quilts are the most natural way to keep warm in winter and cool in summer - Wool breathes and is of course made of natural fibres. Plus, Wool Quilts provide EVEN warmth, unlike Down, wool doesn't shift to a clump at the end of your bed. Many of the quilts sold in Australia are actually made from imported or Chinese wool and manufactured in countries like the Phillipines, Korea and Indonesia . Even though Australian wool is regarded as one of the best, many companies use cheaper imported wool to cut costs
Fresh quilts use100% pure Australian wool, bought direct from Australian farmers
Full 5 Years Warranty

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  • nod
    I like the idea that they are made from Australian wool. Being patriotic I guess, but I do remember reading somewhere that we do have really good quality wool. Just think how cosy you could be with a woollen mattress cover and then a wool quilt :) Just not too sure that I trust Kerri-Annes recommendation :eek: :eek:
  • nod
    Or since you have 2 buy 2 one on the top and one on the bottom? :eek:

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