Myer - Double Myerone shopping credits storewide Thurs 23 April (TODAY)

23 April 2009

Today only, double credits storewide. Great if you're planning on making a big ticket purchase!!!!

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  • admin EDITOR
    How does their shopping credits system work lisss?
  • admin EDITOR
    ahhh - this is how it works. Interesting - it calculates out to be a 2% rebate. Shame Myer isnt on here as a cashback merchant. When (:)) they do I bet they come in with something higher than 2% cashback. "As a Member you'll receive 2 Shopping Credits for every dollar you spend at Myer, and when you've earned 2000 Shopping Credits we'll send you a $20 MYER one Gift Card. "
  • wailam81
    Dear all, Myer did a mistake on the promotional sign for Loreal's products (including makeups and skincares). Instead of 50% off the second items, it is 50% off for any two items brought on a single receipt. I brought some skincares at Myer yesterday, Adelaide city for a bargain, so it is worth to have a look.

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