My kinda valentines pressie

5 February 2007

Brewtopia have certainly won my heart with this valentines offer
You can get " 24 custom labelled award winning lager bottles" for $54.99
There are a couple of labels to chose from
I am partial to the 'rummy' one hehehe
cashback is whopping 5.75% with Brewtopia

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  • wheadle
    voted hot for myself ;) :p
  • admin EDITOR
    Yep - I voted that hot. For information Brewtopia had a sale of their mislabelled stock recently. They listed 293 cartons of the stuff and it sold out within a couple of hours. A very good testament to how popular their brew is.
  • mouldgirl
    Voted hot and bought some for my boy thanx :p
  • pow a.
    Voted it hot, but it's best served chiilled :)
  • schlemster
    thanx wheadle mate usually i pass on valentines but this years have told the missus i want something too! :w00t:

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