Mountain Designs - Thermals - Buy one, get one free!

12 March 2008

Discount applies to the lowest of the 2 garments.
Prices I can see from the catalog range from $99.95 - $139.95

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  • nod
    This would be totally awesome if it was the wool ones? Not too keen on the polyester ones cos they stink rather quickly :eek: And surely the polyester ones aren't 100 bucks each??? :eek:
  • admin EDITOR
    Cant be polyprop ones - thats way too high. I suspect its for the icebreaker stuff. PiA - you got a page reference in the catalogue ??
  • admin EDITOR
    PiA - am looking at the catalogue. Easter 08 - page one - theres microfleece tops with a buy one get one half price - but they arent thermals. Further down there's MD's baselayer polyprop thermals going out with buy one get one half price - these are thermals but they're not the price you've put in the deal - not sure what your deal is referring to.
  • nod
    It wont be icebreaker - it will be their homebrand merino stuff. Which is not too bad - not as soft as icebreaker but an awesome thermal non the less

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