Motorpass supersaver card only $12.95

7 October 2009

Save up to $337* per annum with
Motorpass Super Saver.

The Motorpass Super Saver card gives you access to six exclusive vehicle related Motorpass discounts nation wide. For a household with two vehicles that could mean savings of up to $337* per annum!

In these tough economic times saving money is more important than ever. Just look at some of the great advantages of being a card holder.

Coles Express Carwash
$5 off a Wash Max at all Coles Express Car Wash Sites (Premium wash, recommended retail price $13.90). 62 Store locations across Australia.

Best Western
5% off the best available room rate.
188 Store locations across Australia.

Rent a car for four days and get an additional day FREE. 110 Store locations across Australia.

10% off the normal retail price on any purchase of
2 x Goodyear LS2000 Tyres and 15% off the normal retail price on any purchase of
4 x Goodyear LS2000 Tyres.
100 Store locations across Australia.

Discounted rate of $95 on a window chip repair.
46 Store locations across Australia.

Ultra Tune
10% off the local retail price of any Ultra manufacturers handbook service, Ultra major service and Ultra minor service.
240 Store locations across Australia.

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  • admin EDITOR
    Surprises me that they want to charge you for the card given that they only have six merchants on it. I find it a bit off when these sort of organisations want to charge you money for you to give them your valuable marketing information and have them use that to generate profits. Not meaning to take apart your deal Kazyazy :) You'd need to spend $129.50 just to justify the cost of the card each year. The Europcar 'deal' isnt really a deal - they give out the same 5 for 4 offer through their website and discount vouchers regularly. I'd question how many window chips your going to want to fix at a cost of $95 each year. 10 premium car washes a year.... maybe.... if your that way inclined. The tune up ... ok thats probably where you'd recoup the cost.
  • kazyazy
    Thats ok donkey...its good to get feedback. I wasn't sure how good this deal was but I thought somebody might get some use out of it. The savings aren't huge but if you use the merchants alot anyway it might be ok. $12.95 per year isn't alot to spend but for only 6 merchants I wouldn't rush out to get one.
  • admin EDITOR
    yea - it'd work out ok if you were putting enough volume through one of them.

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