Lots of cheap stationery at your local Officeworks

3 March 2008

So,here's the thing. I've been to about 6 Officeworks store in the past week and every store has great bargains! Here's what I got :

A really cute lanyard for my cousin for $1 from $4-5
A 2 hole puncher for $0.92
Liquid paper for $0.25
Magic tape for $0.50
Computer speakers for $1.48
USB ionizer for $1.00
A whole heap of Pentel stationery for $10.00
Notebooks for $0.25
Folders for $0.50

It's great to stock up stationery anytime of year cus they don't expire :P

Hurry down to your local store now and post your bargains !

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  • ScarletRubies
    OK, what on earth is a USB ionizer? Is that one of those air filter thingamabobs? :confused:
  • diider
    Yes I think that's what it is :P It looks good too, with a clock alarm :)
  • MamaK
    I was about to ask the same thing, Ionisers make a huge difference to how fatigued you feel while at the computer but thats rediculously cheap!
  • diider
    Yeah, I picked up 2 and it actually makes a difference, especially in the car.

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