LG DVD-R 16X Speed Discs - 150 Discs for $49 including shipping!

25 July 2007

Personally, I don't buy much in the way of blank media, so I'm not 100% certain on the hottness of this deal, but I'll let you and the hot button decide.

You can get 150 blank DVD-Rs from TopBuy with the free shipping code linked below, for $49. This works out at under 33c per disc.

See the full spec on the TopBuy website.

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  • twingurl88
    these were sold at harvey norman for 15 bucks per 50 dvds bundle. there were heaps.
  • nod
    Harvey Norman can have some good bargains on dvds. Thanks Twingurl88
  • admin EDITOR
    thanks twingurl - that means this deal gets a warm vote ..... its good but not hot.
  • enthusiast
    Has anyone bought from TopGuy? What's their service like? Fast shipping? There seems to be lots of these discount sites popping up...!
  • Emma EDITOR
    Oh thanks for the opinions guys, as I said in the OP, I wasn't 100% sure about the hottieness. @ enthusiast - I haven't tried them yet, but I spotted them on another forum. A quick google of the shop name doesn't tell very much info either.

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