Leatherman Charge ALX 18-In-1 multi tool shipped for $144.45 from Tiptopshop

17 June 2013

I spotted a good price on this Leatherman Charge ALX 18-In-1 multi tool on one of Catch of the Day's daily deals going for $157.95 (including delivery). I did a price check on Google to see if I could get it cheaper somewhere else and turns out that Tiptopshop.com.au are selling the exact same Leatherman for $144.45 (with delivery included).

Looking at other retailers it appears as though you're going to be paying anywhere between $170 (from CarryItCases.com.au) all the way up to $263 (from LeGear.com.au). So the price from Tiptopshop looks to be a good one.

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