Le Domaine - Free Whisk + $10 Shipping :(

25 December 2011

Thank you for visiting our store on Christmas Day! For Christmas morning we have a very limited amount of Tefal Intensives Whisks to give away. Combine one with your order for free shipping over $100
A proper metal wire whisk, for beating ingredients until they're smooth, fluffy and full of air. A compact design with a wide, globular head, the Tefal Intensives Whisk fits in well with your existing utensils, and mixes ingredients thoroughly while introducing plenty of air. Ideal for giving eggs a quick mix together, stirring sauces to a consistent texture and whipping cream.
Please note the Tefal Intensives Whisk is not suitable for direct use in non-stick cookware, as the wire whisk is abrasive on delicate surfaces.
Narrow base and ballooned whisk head is agile and easy to control
Comfortable, high quality handle is suited to extended use
Stainless steel whisk strands are very effective with beating, mixing and whisking
Multiple layers of strands help to introduce air and beat ingredients more thoroughly
Dishwasher safe
Designed in France

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