Kmart - Pasta Maker Machine $12

27 January 2011

I've been after a pasta maker for a while but didn't want to spend a heap of money on one as we'd probably lose interest quickly. They all seem cost between $40-$100 (or more) and some of them I've read break straight away (Benzer brand).

I was walking through Kmart yesterday and found selling for only $12! At that price I thought I'd give it a go.

Used it last night to make some fettucini and it worked well.

At least if something happens, it's easy to take it back to get your $12 refund (if bought online you have to pay that alone in return postage).

Note - photo I used is of a generic pasta machine, but looks similar to the Kmart one....

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  • admin EDITOR
    Did you make your pasta from scratch ? I've got one of these but rarely use it. Its a cheapy where you need to roll the pasta out before feeding it into the machine. I'd probably use it more if you could just throw a lump of pasta dough at it.
  • ntowill
    Made from scratch. Have to roll it out a bit first before it goes into the machine, but I think you have to do that with all or most of these type of machines. It tastes much better than the bought pasta and the kids love to help out making it as well. If I use it half a dozen times I'll be happy. Don't expect it to be a everyday sort of thing, which is why for $12 I'm very happy! :D
  • ninkasi
    Picked one up myself today, along with some 00 flour & eggs from Safeways/Woolworths. The thing itself isn't super high qualty (the width adjustment knob is a bit wobbly for example), but as you say - it's not like I'll be using it every day, so if it lasts a few goes then it's worth it!
  • ninkasi
    First impressions were wrong - quality is actually not that bad at all. Used it this evening, and it cranked out the pasta pretty well. Got a little carried away and made it tissue paper thin.... amazed it was able to do it without an issue, but next time I will not go quite so far!

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