Kmart Megasale - 50% off towels

17 June 2008

Another stocktake sale from Kmart and they have some ok bargains this time. I like the bath sheets (or mega towel as they call them) for $10.99. They aren't the thickest towels in the world but not bad for the price. I love the size of them.

Kmart also have 40% off the rest of their towel too
Sale start on Thursday 19th June

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  • voteoften
    Half off bistro blinds as well. Just be aware that the zip on the homemaker blinds will not match up with the bistro blind zips they have at bunnings. The blinds at bunnings allow you to use inserts, etc so you can get pretty much an exact fit for your circumstances. The homemaker blinds are easy to hang.
  • trevorf
    Was just wondering on the thickness, and then I read your comment. :P

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