Kmart Back To School 2nd week Catalogue IT specials - January 10th - January 16th

5 January 2008

Back To School 2nd week Catalogue for January 10th - January 16th

Page 20 has Microsoft items advertised with 25% Microsoft cash back:

Microsoft Optical desktop 700 Keyboard & Mouse = $49.95 less 25% = $37.50
Microsoft LX3000 headset = $39.95 less 25% = $29.95
Microsfot notebook optical mouse = $22.95 less 25% off = $17.20

Other deals:
2gb USB stick = $29.95
Olin 1GB SD card 50% off = $14.99
Sandisk 1GB card = $19.99
Lexmark X1270 multifunctional printer/scanner = $59 (can anyone comment if this is any good?)

And Norton AntiVirus for $39.95 with $40 cash back.

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  • bigal
    the 25% cash back is from microsoft and is off the RRP. MS site suggests only eligible products so you have to be careful I cannot find the Optical Desktop 700, but found the LX3000 headset with $15 cash back. and I think the notebook optical mouse is $10 cash back (cant verify the product desc) you will have to do your own homework before buying.
  • Bargrin
    However it does say on the follwoing MS page “Purchase ANY microsoft hardware product”

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