Kmart -- $3 for 18 rolls of toilet paper - Cheeeep!!! 17c per roll! (Starts Feb 4th)

1 February 2010

Ultra cheaaaaaaap!

Not high grade quality, but hey - very cheap as they work out to be under 17c per roll!!!

Cheeeeeep & Nasty? haha Just kidding :D
It's all going down the toilet bowl anyway :)

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  • nod
    great price. I have not used this brand so hoping it is not sandpaper
  • lilpretzel
    It's not too bad for the kids toilet :p
  • Keeys
    Was going to say the same thing we use it for the kids loo. Stock up when on special like this being boys its lasts for ages usually always get on special by the tip I need to restock ;)
  • fairybelle
    Sandpaper or not still a bargain

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