Kitty - Dealsdirect buys a Pen & Pencil.

29 June 2007

I need a pen to sign the Tax form and other things so I select a Parker Pen & Pencil Set in Case @ $19.95 from the DealsDirect. (Save $20.00).

Initial Kitty: $500
Credit BWA TeleNet Saver Online Account $40.00
Credit Quickflix $25 Cashback.
Debit Sharp Calculator EL231LB from da Co-op @ $13.75.
Debit Parker Pen & Pencil Set in Case @ $19.95 from the DealsDirect (less 10% BuckScoop Coupon Code of OZBARGAIN and DD224 (Free Shipping) = $17.96ish.
Balance (not including DealsDirect Rebate of 4.65% about $533.29ish.

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  • nod
    Interesting tags there Holdenmg :D So with all your purchases and wheeling and dealing you are still 30 bucks ahead! Anyone think they can match this?
  • nod
    My calculation gives you $532.95 in the kitty as you can't use both codes at once for the pen. So I chose free shipping and Buckscoop cashback.

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