King 400 TC Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set - DEALS DIRECT $59.95

24 August 2007

This superior quality 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheet set is the perfect for any bedroom, creating a stylish and contemporary feel to your living space while offering you only the best in terms of comfort and feel. Made from 100% combed Egyptian cotton, this set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet and a pillow case all in elegant gold stripe finish. The superb make and quality of this sheet set mean it will see you through a lifetime of luxurious comfort!

What exactly is thread count and why is it important?

Thread count simply refers to a measure of how many threadswarp (lengthwise) and weft (widthwise)are woven into 10 square centimetres of fabric. Thread count also has to do with the yarn construction and quality of the yarn. With finer threads, like those produced with Egyptian cotton, more can be woven into each square 10cm which produces a finer, softer, more flexible fabric. The higher the thread count, the higher quality the sheets. You can be sure you are only receiving the best with our Egyptian cotton sheet sets.


King size bedding set.
Gold stripe in colour.
Extra deep pocket in sheets - will accommodate thick mattress and topper combinations with ease!
Pillowcases: 48 x73cm.
Flat sheet: 255 x 274cm.
Fitted sheet: 180 x 203 x 40cm.
400 thread count.
100% combed Egyptian cotton.
Luxurious, rich drape.
Ultimate in durable sheets!

Recommended Retail Price: $149.

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  • admin EDITOR
    out of interest - whats the highest threadcount you can get ??
  • ScarletRubies
    I've never seen it before, but on the DD website, they have an 1100 thread count set - "This superior quality 1100 thread count Egyptian cotton sheet set boast one of the highest thread counts and is the perfect for any bedroom."(sic) And all for only $229 (which they claim is a saving of $400). :eek:
  • fairybelle
    yeah that would be right they had a while back at Target the 1000 count sheets and they were $200 on sale down from $400 or something like that I have 300 and 400 count and i love them they are still nice and soft IMO
  • admin EDITOR
    bit of useless information from wikipedia (never can be sure whether to trust this place) Thread count is used as a measure of the coarseness or fineness of fabric. It is measured by counting the number of threads contained in one square inch of fabric, including both the length (warp) and width (weft) threads. It is used especially in regard to cotton linens such as bed sheets. Thread count is often considered a simple measure of fabric quality, so that "standard" cotton thread counts are around 150 while good-quality sheets start at 180 and a count of 200 or higher is considered percale. Extremely high thread counts (typically over 500) tend to be misleading as they usually use 'plied' yarns. i.e. one yarn that is made by twisting together multiple finer threads. For marketing purposes, a fabric with 250 yarns in both the vertical and horizontal direction could have the component threads counted to a 1000 thread count although according to the National Textile Association, which cites the international standards group ASTM, accepted industry practice is to count each thread as one, even threads spun with two- or three-ply yarn. The Federal Trade Commission agrees and recently issued a warning that consumers "could be deceived or misled" by inflated thread counts.[1] In addition to thread count, factors such as the length of the cotton staples and origin (e.g. Egyptian or Pima) should be considered. However, some materials described as "Egyptian cotton" are in fact a blend with perhaps only 1% Egyptian cotton
  • admin EDITOR
    Obviously the thread count on this set was enough - they've sold out.

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