Kennels from $59.95 delivered (Save 70% or $139.05!) @ Deals Direct + 5.40% cashback

26 November 2007

Not a screaming offer, but helpful never-the-less as Deals Direct have
been being very stingy with their free shipping offers lately.

So, if you're after one of these, then now is the best time to buy with a
good Deals Direct cashback rate of 5.40%, and completely free shipping.

Get free shipping on all Dog Kennels @ Deals Direct.

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  • Brad
  • Brad
    There's also, a on all dog kennels at Deals Direct.
  • brooke
    well i was just about to buy one thru them cz the only ones ive seen around hav been in the $200 region or way too big for a little cavalierXshih tsu. with a saving of $10 i'll do it now! thankyou brad :)
  • Brad
    Cool. :flowers: Unfortunately, Deals Direct free shipping offers seem to be a rarity lately.
  • ScarletRubies
    Sounds silly, but I took the time to measure that big one up as a potential cubby house for my kids. Too small. Shame - cubby houses are really expensive, and my amateur building skills are decidedly amateurish!!
  • brooke
    are you looking for a wooden cubby house or a plastic one?
  • brooke
    free shipping ended at 4pm today... i just checked because every time i tried to checkout it would charge me $69.90 instead of $59.95. although, it is still showing in the free shipping section. i think if there is a specific time that free shipping ends, they should make sure to stop advertising as such after that time. just my two cents. :)
  • ScarletRubies
    Oh, I am half-heartedly looking for a wooden one, but I live in the top end so transportation costs are enormous. We've got a timber cubby-bunk thing that we have plans on renovating (ie the kids are playing with it as-is, and that's good enough!).

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