Kare Kard - Annual Membership $19.95 (normally $49.95) from Jigocity!

3 November 2011

(I know this is from one of THOSE websites, but I have never heard of Kare Kard until I saw this, so I thought it was worth sharing. Kre Kard membership looks pretty good for the discounted price!)

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: $19.95 for a 12 month Kare Kard Membership! Receive member exclusive, massive discounts at over 20,000 retail outlets and online stores

Kare Card is for 12 months, but you have to activate the membership and redeem your voucher before 10/02/2012

Buy this 60% off voucher and enjoy:

- Membership with Kare Kard for 12 months
- Kare Kard exclusive Member Benefits
- $10.95 Movie Tickets! At all cinemas nationally! All year roundno limits.
- 5% off at National Supermarkets
- 10% off over 3000 Motels Nationally
- Up to 35% Entertainment Bowling, theme parks, movies, zoos!
- Up to 70% on Alcohol and wine!
- Over 150 house hold name retailers 20,000 locations! No Limits to the amount of times you can redeem your discounts by being a Kare Kard member.
- Discounts of up to 70% on big quality brands.
- Upfront discounts are on Gift Cards, tickets and online stores.

Becoming a Kare Kard member not also raises funds for your nominated cause, you could literally save thousands of dollars every year by taking advantage of the everyday living discounts our members receive. Kare Kard members enjoy savings everyday for an entire year! No need to spend money up front to accumulate points, none of these "daily deals" that only appeal to a select few, our offers are on everyday living expenses, grocery, fuel, a trip to the movies. In return for becoming a member, we will give 20% of the annual membership fee to your nominated cause. Everybody wins!

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  • wfdTamar
    Pretty messy to get the deal, but 5% off gift cards for Woolies or Coles will make it worth it.
  • wfdTamar
    Actually the gift cards charge $5.50 post so you'd have to get more than $120 worth to make it worthwhile. Actually that is wrong see post below.
  • kickling
    Yeah, I guess the main point is that your membership money goes towards something charitable. Plus you can buy Fuel giftcards I think, so you can definitely get your money's worth...
  • wfdTamar
    If I wanted to give to charity I'd give straight to them. Any scheme designed to raise money for charities is bordering on a con because so little of what is given gets to the charities.
  • Rebekah76
    There are plenty of schemes that sell the gift cards for 5% discount, so check your existing memberships to find out before you sign up to this one. Entertainment Book, ABC Baby Card (Playgroup), Union Memberships, Health Funds etc... most of them don't charge for postage though!
  • wfdTamar
    The Kare Kard people posted this on another site Hi Everyone, Kare Kard here. For everyone concerned, the Kare Kard program does charge postage fees for delivery of gift cards and tickets. 0.95cents for standard post and $3.45 for registered post. We don’t charge any credit card fees on any transactions, although we are charged and we also pass the savings that we get from our suppliers directly to our members. ( ie: Coles give us 5% off pre purchase gift cards, we give our customers 5% off ) We do try to make it very clear on our website how the program works, what offers are available and how they can be redeemed. Because of the large amount of retailers we work with, it may take some time to read each offer, however we do encourage, especially with any third party marketing for daily deals companies that members should read the terms and conditions and FAQ’s to ensure they understand how the program works. We are always happy to answer any questions that people have regarding the program and if we can be of any further assistance we can be contacted on info@karekard.com.au The program may not be to everyone’s liking, but it does suit a lot of Australians and we do listen to customer feedback. We feel our FAQ’s and website content are clear, however if we can make them clearer, or if you have any suggestions to add to them, please let us know. Thank you - KK
  • KareKard
    Hi Everyone, Kare Kard here. Thanks wfdTamar for posting our response from the other site. We really appreciate you taking the time to communicate our message. For further clarification on charities and how that works. As far as the donations to Charities, we are a licensed commercial fundraiser for well-known Australian charities. We hold strong commercial agreements with them all as required by law. We provide a platform for Charities ( and schools, community groups etc ) to raise funds through our rewards program membership fees and the ability to donate to the Charities directly if the member so desires. We do take a small fee to facilitate the transaction of donations made to our charities. The fee for direct donations made is only ever 6.5% to cover the fees we are charged for facilitating credit card transactions. All information regarding our fees and how they work are fully disclosed in our Terms and Conditions, and FAQ’s on our website. During any third party promotion we do ( ie: daily deal) we also state that members must abide by those terms and require potential members to read those terms. It’s important to note that we are a very cost effective way for Charities and Community Groups to raise funds online and we are proud to be able to represent the Charities we work with. There are many rewards programs out there that do offer similar discounts to ours and we know that. Our difference is our commitment to donate to charity and provide those charities with an online platform to reach more people for donations. Our business was built around the need for fundraisers, be it charities or community groups to utilise our rewards program to help them raise much needed funds in an economy where money is scarce and as a result, donations are declining. Another vehicle to encourage people to contribute to their chosen cause. Many Charities and Community Groups simply don’t have access to a fundraising platform that offers donors something in return for their generosity ( the discounts we provide ) so we have created a platform where everyone involved is rewarded. As we say, we are trying to create a “Community of giving” for all involved. We encourage everyone to make a purchasing decision based on the thorough information we provide on our website in relation to all the services we offer for all users. All of this information is disclosed on our website and we feel our FAQ’s and website content are clear and concise, however if we can make them clearer, or if you have any suggestions to add to them, please let us know. And of course we are always happy to answer any questions that people have regarding the program and if we can be of any further assistance we can be contacted on info@karekard.com.au Thank you - KK

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