K-mart - $1 Yarn Clearance Plus 20% Off Discount - Patons, Cleckheaton

21 March 2009

Selection of yarns at $1 on clearance, plus 20% off.

I bought Cleckheaton Country Naturals (light blue, caramel brown)
Holiday Wool Blend (medium carmel brown, olive green)
Cleckheaton Country Silk (deep pink)
Patons Jet wool and alpaca (dusty pink, grey)
Patons Caressa (light purple)
Cleckheaton Vintage Hues (purples, greens)

Most of these yarns retail for about $4-5+ per ball, and are rarely discounted this much. I shopped at K-mart Airport West and there were about 10 balls left, and Cambellfield had zero.

I send yarn on to AWARE, a charity for knitters to knit possum pouches, which keep baby possums warm if they have been orphaned. Many possums are orphaned here in Victoria due to the bushfires. So they would love any yarn you may have (doesn't have to be pure wool).

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  • lilpretzel
    That's very kind of you luckytrio. Princess Diana once said....
    "Carry out a random act of kindness with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you."
  • admin EDITOR
    :) - good cause luckytrio
  • golfwidow
    Tnaks luckytrio. I have just taken up knitting and am making hats for premmie babies at hospital with my leftovers but I think I'll look into this as well :)

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